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Next time the music comes on, don't be a wallflower.  Dancing with confidence, makes you more attractive and will transcend into your personal and professional life.  Expand your comfort zone and discover how learning to dance can put you at better ease in social situations.

It's never too late to learn a fun new hobby that will improve your overall health and self esteem.  Dance teaches balance, coordination, social ettiquette, sportsmanship and discipline.  Choosing a dance discipline as a fun way to exercise will not only enrich the mind and body, but fosters a sense of achievement and new found confidence.

When you hear an old tune, it can instantly bring back a childhood joy, memory, or feeling in your body that moves you.  Whether it's fast aerobic exercise or controlled graceful ballet modalities, dancing will improve your mood, mobility, and flexibility, but most of all, it leaves you feeling great!  Working with our private coaches, will help you explore what type of dance suits you best and then you can treat your body to it's daily dose of dance.  Dancing is like drinking from the fountain of youth. Your body will love you for it, because when dancing, endophine levels elevate, enhancing your immune system response.  It's even beneficial for recovery from injury, recommended by doctors for debilitating diseases, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and has been proven to improve memory, symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Improve your style and give your immune system a boost, while you sweat to the soundtrack of your life. All ages and levels encouraged!

Why not invest in a new hobby that will improve your overall health and bring you and your partner closer? Not only will you reap the individual benefits, but you'll both develop new skills and work together towards a goal.  Making the time to attend weekly classes will greatly improve connection and give you both something exciting to accomplish together.  Tighten the bond between you and your lover with a special date night of dance and/or first dance lessons for weddings.